Saturday, July 27, 2013

Get up and Get going!

 One day you wish you could!
There's nothing I love more is seeing a whole bunch of people from all walks of life, getting out, getting active and giving it a go. The atmosphere at any community event is always electric and this morning was the Mornington Bay run, which was a sweet stinger of a course of 8.24km up Bellura Hill... twice!

My body is starting to feel the effect of a full training week thats for sure, the legs are tight and tired. I got to Mornington bright and early and set off on a warm up run of 15mins, mainly to keep warm, it was gusty this morning, and also because coach said so. My first kilometer took me 5:40mins and I really felt sluggish. I wasn't setting out to get a PB this morning, I was looking at it as a gauge to see where I was sitting when it came to other runners, other than my good ol' run group. After a slow warm up I had woken up the legs and was ready to run. Side note: I really did consider just not getting out of bed, I was calculating when my next sleep in was going to be and it's not going to be well into next week! But I am practicing to live with integrity and I had promised my fabulous friend Jeni (who had organised the whole damn thing!) that I'd be there. She did entice me with the prospect of winning a whole bundle of prizes which I must admit help a little... ok a LOT hehe.

The talented/exhusted Jeni and me with my medal and bag of goodies. I won close to $600 worth of amazing prizes. Thankyou to the wonderful people of Mornington!
Coach Watson was there, as was David and Mr. King at the start line. Watson's coaxed me to get up front and centre, and when the timely car horn sounded we were off. In my mind I was looking at this run as another Thursday morning, rather than a race. This help me keep my heart rate down and keep a good steady pace. At first my legs felt the work of the last week, but as I built up a good rhythm, I began to cruise along. From the word go I was the first girl out there and my intention was to keep it that way. I kept pace with a few guys and made sure they stayed with in reach. The best tip Clinton told me was to never look behind you. This firstly waste energy, disrupts your rhythm and lets the people behind you know you're wearing down. So I kept my gaze ahead the whole race.

Rounding the corner of the esplanade the delightful hill presented itself. This is where you switch all those voices in your head telling you that; "it's too hard", "my legs are too sore", "the guys behind me are just going to fly past me", in order to keep powering on. I know how easily the mind wants to defeat you, to take the easy way out. It takes a huge effort to resist it and push through, to prove to yourself and everyone else that you've got what it takes to not back down and to keep pushing. In these moments I go through a quick body check to bring myself back to the moment, "my legs feel fine actually", "my breathing is steady" and "oh would you look at that, I've reached the top of the hill!!"

I felt stronger as the hill tapered out and the 'U' turn mark was in sight, I had kept pace with the guys I sighted at the beginning and I was making good time. Coming back past the rest of the runners I could see where I was sitting. Naomi, who I swim with on Wednesday was killing it, running second behind me. I knew I could keep my distance, especially as we began to cruise down the hill. It was amazing the encouragement I got from other runners as I passed them by, cheering me on as I was the first girl. In these moments I feel so alive and strong, I love it.

I was as I was climbing the last hill back to the park to round out for the second lap that this wippersnipper shot past me. She must have been 15, and she was on fire. "Shit, I can't keep that pace for another 4kms" and "Shit, she's going to win all the prizes!!!" were the two thoughts that raced into my mind! Yet as we turned of for our second lap, she headed off to finish the 4km distance. Amazing running by her regardless.

On the second lap was when I got vocal :) I love encouraging people along and giving them that spark to go that bit faster! Approaching the hill for a second time one of the guys as the front of the pack had stopped and started to walk. I tapped him on the shoulder as I ran past and told him to keep moving! He got going and we spurred each other on up the hill. This is when I love running with other people, in the moments, when by yourself you would easily give up. He got his second wind at the top of the hill and headed of at a great pace!
my loot! not back for 32:55mins at the office!

I too, kept a strong pace to finish the second lap, once again spurring on a fellow runner to "get going" to bring it home. I came in 1st place in Open Female with a time of 32:55mins. Big hugs and a hi five with Jeni at the finish line and a quick (yet oh so painful!!) rub down, before collecting my amazing bundle of prizes!

So from not wanting to get out of bed and have that 'well deserved' sleep in, to have a great morning and placing 1st, I can tell you that taking the easy way out doesn't always pay off. You've got to be in it to they say. Oh and also wear lucky number 200! Thanks Jeni!


  1. Well done Madz, so wonderful to read and to get a little insight into what you were thinking during the race! Looked your little helping hand to your fellow runner.
    Also time update 32 minutes not 42!!!

    Keep up the fabulous writing - it almost makes me want to go for a run ... almost!
    Jen xxx