Saturday, July 20, 2013

#36 (and so the count down begins)

First week in on my program and this is what it looked like.

Monday - 1hr wind trainer session (strength set)
Tuesday - off but went to Yin Yoga, and amazing stretch session at Summer Healing
Wednesday - 1hr swim set and a catch up with Mr Watson, to chat all things IM and life at his humble abode Brass Razu
Thursday - 1hr 'nose bleed' hill set at run group
Friday - 2kms easy in the pool
Saturday - 13km run, learning how to control my desire to run fast :)
Sunday - 3hr bike ride with the boys and Jill, my program said undulating, for some reason White Hill Rd in Red Hill doesn't fall into that category!

It was great to start my program, I felt focused and love having my week planned out. I must admit though, come Saturday when the alarm went off at 6am, and I could hear it pouring outside, I did mutter the words, 'what the hell have I gotten myself into!' But when I got to the beach and all the boys were there, high spirits and always encouraging, it didn't take me long to get back in to the IM zone.

The biggest thing I learnt this week, chatting to Clinton over hot chilli olives, is that I have to commit to constant communication with him. Last year, new to this kind of training, when things got tough or I couldn't fit in a session or I just felt flat, instead of voicing it I would retreat. I didn't want to look like I was whinging or couldn't handle it. I thought that retreating was the best way to deal with it. This year, year two of my triathlete career, I really can't afford to loose a week of training, to over train or to not communicate with the coach.

I'm have happily accepted that I am so green when it comes to triathlons, let alone a bloody Ironman! Having literally jumped in the deep end, I have so much to learn and as Clinton ask us to do at the IM info night (which quietly scared the bejesus out of me!) I have the up most faith in him and the program.

So that's week 36 down - 35 more to go......
Sunday 3hr ride - double and triple layers, it was freezing!
Gregy boy and Adam after a big climb on the back road of the Peninsula
Catch up with the Coach settling my nerves with a camomile :)
So happy I've come across these bad boys!
They are organic and taste delish and keep me going!

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