Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Here we go, here we go

my first ever sprint triathlon 2012
This time last year, I would have never had imagined I'd be here. Writing a blog about my sweaty pursuits in order to achieve an enormous goal... Ironman 2014. My history of triathlons is short. One year to be exact.

Winding back a year, I found myself in a spot of dispare, that my family and close friends can vouch for. I had lost momentum and direction. It was the familiar story of a twenty-something year old, having gone and studied a 4 year degree, design in this case, to realise that in reality it just didn't float their boat. It really didn't, I tried a few different jobs, a small magazine to a styling company finding myself only lasting a few months later anxiously trolling through for jobs I didn't want.

A goal/focus is what I needed. Something unrelated to this career that obviously wasn't evolving as planned. I have always loved to run, not ever that seriously, however in this last few months of doubtful job seeking I had built myself up to run my first half marathon, clocking in at 1:33:00, I was so stoked. But the solo running wasn't inspiring me all that much either. I needed a challenge, that's when I called up Clinton from Trispecify and found myself so out of depth, yet so excited and alive at my first Tri Ladies training session.

I had to start somewhere, so this is it, no more procrastinating. Here, I intend to share my trials, tribulations and tips of training, my good days and the bad. I'm so far from an expert in any of this, but I hope through sharing my experiences along the way I can inspire you, maybe even igniting a spark, to go after your goals no matter how BIG or small.

Wish me luck xx

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