Saturday, August 3, 2013

Week #34 = Double Trouble

I like to think of it as organised chaos. My weekly planner.

So this week is my first taste of double up training days. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I have a morning and afternoon session. I am pretty happy with how I have been feeling after each session and even more so at the next. Keeping in mind at least one of the sessions on a double up day is endurance focused which means long, 1+ hour, run/ride keeping my heart rate low. It almost feels like an active recovery.

The quote 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail' has been playing over in my head since I saw this weeks training set come though from Clinton. Straight away I sat down with my dairy and planned out my week to make it work. This has to be one of the most crucial tools I use with my training. As I work odd hours at lululemon, my weeks are never the same so it's important I make time to plan each one out individually.

My training week look something like this:

Monday - PM: 1hr 'Very High Intensity' wind trainer set

Tuesday -AM: Pilates at LV studio in Oakleigh
                - AM: 1 hr run keeping my heart rate low, below 140 for me.
                - PM: 1 hr remedial massage, the first since getting back into full swing training....ouch! dry needles are a god send!

Wednesday - AM: 1hr W.T set, once again keeping heart rate quite low. So having just started in a new relationship you now things are going pretty well, when you feel comfortable enough to get up at 6.15am, set up the wind trainer in his lounge room and get spinning. Mind you, he scared the crap out of me, sneaking up on me once he woke up!
                     - PM: 1hr swim set, I really enjoyed this set, we focused on technique which I need, learning how to roll the body with each stoke to lengthen and stream line in the water and also focusing on pushing back the full length of the stroke, in particular the right side for me.

Thursday - AM: Run group - 500m diminishing.  I think we hit a record this week with close to 45 crazy peeps up bright an early and ready to work! and it wasn't easy. In the simplest terms, you run 500m's and have 1 minute rest. From then on after each 500m's your rest is diminished by 5 seconds untill it is non existent. Sounds like fun right?! After setting out on the first 500, my left quad tightened up, I had never felt it do that before. After appearing it didn't flare up again, nor did it slow me down. I iced it once I got home. Might have been an after effect from my massage earlier in the week.
                 - AM: Body Pump, @ Fitness First Glen Waverly with Chrissy. 
                 - PM: 2 hr ride. This didn't quite go to plan. It was my first session that my mindset and time management let me down, turing it into 45min stint on the bike. It was a perfect opportunity for me to be in communication with Clinton as to why/what happened. His reply: breath in, breath out.

Friday - AM: 1hr swim set before work. Really focused on practicing the body roll and full stroke during this set. 
            - PM: 1hr Run 20mins easy/20min Moderate/20mins easy. Ironically, the hardest part about this is the easy part! Up until now when I've set out for a run, I've wanted to feel like I'm really working, going faster, going longer. Not the case now. Now the ficus is turning my body into an efficient endurance machine. 

Saturday - AM: 'Run the Tan'  the official launch of the new Melbourne wide lululemon run group. Through landmark, I have been practicing being fearless and taking on challenges, this saw me being apart of the team that created/organised this run group and to actually lead on of the groups as well. Something I have never done before. I was to lead the cruisey (beginner) group. It was a great wake up call for me to step out of my world of training and re experience the humble beginnings of running. Our pace was slow but I was able to encourage and help my group around the Tan. What an experience!

'Run the Tan' Bright! Bright and Early with Terri and Bess
My 'Cruisey' group in action, looking fabulous
What's a lululemon shin' dig with out a bit of cheer!

So that leaves Sunday; right now as I write this.
                    AM - I had an amazing sleep in, even though my body woke up at 6am!

Learnings from this week - I need to plan/focus on what food I'm eating. Especially as training apms up I really need to be prepared for the days when I'm out and about all day and good nutritious food isn't always on hand or easy to come by. Once again this bring me back to the trusty saying, 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.'

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