Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week #33 - Trail Run Fun

The words from the coach were: solid week, plan well, stay healthy.

A solid week it was, finishing with a weekend running and riding up in the hills of Dromana and Arthurs seat. Even though my legs where heavy come Sunday, I was buzzing from such a great week of training.

Melbourne graced us with her finest weather this week which ranged from Clinton standing in the pouring rain as we smashed out a tough dimishing 100m's in the pool, to a gorgeously clear morning on Saturday for our trail run though Red Hill.

I love being outdoors, it's one of my favourite aspect out the training I do and going on a trail run took this love to a whole new level. We duck and wove though some of the most stunning scenery, I didn't even know existed at my own backdoor! On the trail you don't know what's coming next, a log to hurdle, a mud puddle to leap over or a vertical climb up a fire break. I felt really strong on Saturday morning, I kept pace with the boys and found that I always had that extra something to get up the steepest of climbs that we came upon. In total I think we ran for close to 1hr 30mins covering 13kms, and it just flew by. You really have to hold your focus on your footing and what's just ahead. A few times my mind would wander resulting in a slip or slide!

Trail running is messy business, but oh so fun! We finished covered in mud, matched with big smiles, such an awesome way to kick off the weekend, which saw me heading straight to work (after a quick shower of course!) One of the many joys of working at lululemon is that I am forever in their threads whether it be work, rest or play!

Getting down and dirty!

My get up for some trail run fun!
Outfit: Speed Shorts, Flow Y bra, Swiftly long sleeve,
Nothing but run jacket, headband and gloves 

My week look a little like this:

Monday - PM: Wind trainer V02 focus

Tuesday -  AM: 1hr Power flow yoga @ Kozen Yoga
               - AM: 1 hr run : 20mins easy / 20mins mod / 20mins easy
               - AM: 1 hr Pilates @ LV Studio

Wednesday - AM: 3 hr ride including Two Bays x 6 : easy/mod/hard/easy/big chain
                   - PM: 1hr swim set : diminishing 100m's 

Thursday - 1hr run : hills & speed work, felt great this morning, was able to keep up a strong effort though to the end, Troupa and I push each other to the end!

Friday - 1hr swim set

Saturday - Trail run hills, mud & FUN

Sunday - 3hr ride including Arthurs seat time trail x 2. I was so proud of my effort up this climb especially after such a leg strength focus week. I stayed focus and way able to push that bit harder round the steep corners. I just cleared under 15 minutes each accent! 

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