Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Blue Line.

The blue line. It’s quite, it’s meditative and it’s becoming my friend. Thinking back to when I first started swimming now a year and a half ago I would have never stated such a thing! My swimming history, previous to triathlons, consisted of the novelty races a school swim carnival and a good game of Marco Polo. My mind would race a million miles, my breath would be short, and I battled. In my mind I was not a swimmer. I am proud to say now that that statement no longer exists. My swim stoke is getting stronger, I am able to clear my mind, and breathe strongly even through the harder efforts. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to turn that belief of myself onto it's head and smash it. We are all guilty of putting labels and limitations on ourselves; I can’t run, I’m not fit, I can’t save money. This enables us not to take responsibility in areas of our lives that either aren’t working, are ‘too hard’ to deal with or we just don’t wanna! The key to breaking through is action, sweet, sweet action. Taking action no matter how you feel or think. I can assure you what’s on the other side is so worth the short lived pain of whatever you have to give up – an extra 5 mins in bed, that must have bikini for next summer or that well deserved serve of schintz chips ( in my case!)

So training is back in full force with a 7 day schedule. It’s been a long time coming however this past week has been the first week of my training that A) I’ve looked forward to B) Have kept a positive mindset through all sessions C) worked hard D) got excited about what’s too come.
I’m so excited to be back in action.

This week’s game plan:
Mon – Wind trainer session 1hr
Tues – 3hr ride into /.5hr run
Wed – 2 hr ride (totally forgot I was working so this didn’t happen and I was an hour late to work) & swim squad 1hr
Thurs – 1.15hr run (20min easy – 35 solid tempo – 20mins easy) cut this a tad short to get to yin yoga
Fri – Swim set – 1.15hrs
Sat – 100min run
Sun -  4hr ride
What is an area of life that you are limiting your potential in? And more importantly what action are you going to take?! 

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