Monday, October 7, 2013

Sparkle's back...

So I haven’t laid down a week plan here in a while. Each week, to date, has had a similar rhythm to it. At first it took me a while to see that there was some order to the chaos; working a non 9-5 job / training for an Iron'wo'man / being a normal social being. Now, however, I can quite simply map my week out. There is a nice balance where all areas of my life come together, not mentioning the super early starts, an arvo nap and early social departures tucked in here and there.

As I have noted in previous posts, I have found by planning your work and working your plan (the diary is your best friend), combined with keeping your eye on the 'big' goal that you're working towards, you are able to turn a daunting week of training and achievable task. 

I would be lying if I said I rarely speak of my training and journey towards Ironman. Somehow it turns up in every conversation whether I bring it up or not. The good old, 'so what have you been up to?' ' What's new's with you?' evidently leads to the ins and outs of firstly 'Why?!', my training routine, nutrition ect. To be honest I am really just taking it one step at a time, not dwelling on the huge mission of the day (March 23,2014 for those playing) and by no means claiming to be an expert. And trust me, I'm finding lots of Ironman 'experts' out there :) . I love hearing the advise, concerns and past experience of others, everybody has a story. I choose to listen to them, appreciate them for sharing it with me, and then keep faith in the path that I am taking and what my coach has in store for me. 

Gosh, if I was to take onboard all of the tips, judgement and concerning stories I would be stopped, dead in my tracks. Where is the fun in that?!

So the week that was: 

After two or so week of feeling heavy, tired and flat, at one stage there were nearly tears in the googles at swimming, it felt awesome to show up to each session, this last week, fresh and raring to go. Or as my coach  Clinton would say, I had my 'sparkle' back. And boy was I happy to have it back. When you aren't feeling 100% everything become an up hill battle. Good recovery, catching up with friends, improved nutrition and most importantly a positive, clear mindset when training, were the mix of elements that lead to this weeks sparkle. I know life isn't always bright and shiny, however you always have a choice to make it the best you can. Even if you have had a few draining weeks of work, training or life in general stay on the ride. Perseverance is the key, because before you know it your back sparkly and stronger than before!  

Red faced after the trail run, up, up, up Arthurs Seat!

Cooking is one of my favourite ways to chill out.
As I tell my mum, Messy =  Delicious!

And wasn't I right, this was a hit with the fam!

Quinoa, almond and ricotta 'meatballs' with zucchini pasta

Check out Belle Gibson's app,
@healing_belle, The Whole Pantry for this delicious recipe.

Sisters getting active. Well about to!

Couldn't resist a coconut water with
Terri after an awesome yin yoga session with
Aimee at Summer Healing Yoga 

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