Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude

Race number one of the season 13/14 has final come around. This weekend I'm heading up to the beautiful Noosa Heads to give the infamous Noosa Tri a red hot shot. This is an Olympic distance triathlon (1500m swim/ 40km cycle/10km run) Wow, it's been a serious gap in between races. The last race I competed in was the Olympic distance triathlon down in Geelong in February earlier this year. That was my first race of that distance. In the lead up to that race I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into and due to that I was completely relaxed, right up until the start siren at the waters edge. I surprised myself out there that day feeling really strong in all legs of the race. We had good weather conditions that day and I came in finishing first in my age category 20-24. 

up on the podium at Geelong in February 
time to better this weekend.

Having turned a quarter of a century in July I have now moved up an age group, 25-29. That, along with the high calibre of athletes that this festival attracts, has definitely helped the butterflies brewing over the last few weeks. I have had my doubting thoughts, 'have I improved all that much from all this training?', 'especially with such a big lead up will I remember what to do?', ' Will I stand a chance against the girls in this age group?' Unlike the blissful naivety I went into Geelong with, this time round I am alot more aware of what I'm getting myself into. 

I know I am stronger now with 5 months of solid training behind me. I don't however have any indication of how I will go on the weekend. My goal is to better my times in all of the legs. If I can do that in hotter conditions, no matter where I place, I'll be happy :) I'm also going into the race being open to uncertainty. The weather, transition malfunction and I don't even want to mention a flat tire (if that happens I'm totally buggered, so cross your fingers) are all elements on the day that are unpridictable. So no matter what, I'm going to be stoked with myself for just getting to that start line. Whatever happens from then on is a bonus. And let me tell you, I'll be working my lill' butt off to make that bouns count!

As crazy as I am, I joined 30 other crazy peeps in an open bay swim on Monday just gone. I wanted to make sure I remembered, and more importantly find out if still felt comfortable in the open water. Oh it was freezing! When I first put my head in the water it felt like I had an ice cream headache, without the added benefit of the ice cream! Once I got going however, I felt the best I have in an open swim covering close to 2kms from the Frankston boat ramp to the pier and back.

bring the team home in Port mac, Oct 2012,
running a half marathon in the heat of the midday sun.
loved the energy and vibe of this event last year,
starting with a team is a great way to get involved!
So much for spring, we haven't had a chance at all to train in warmer conditions, so I'm thinking it's going to be a shock to the system when I head up north. Sunday, race day, is going to be a top of 31 degrees, and as they do, they have save the best to last! My heat setting off last at 8:58am. That leaves us running as the day really starts to heat up. I have had experience of running in the heat of the day up in Port Macquire Half Ironman as apart of a team last year. Hydration in the two day prior is what's going to make all the difference.

the s-work has saved my butt! literally,
can't wait to see what we can do on Sunday
my spring riding attire
I had my last training ride today, an easy 2 hours. I'm so grateful  that I have had the opportunity to training on my S-works Amira, I have notice such a difference in my riding. I'm so much more efficient on take offs, hills and race pace efforts. I can really thank the bike to my increased confidence on the bike. This has been and still is an area of big improvement for myself so I'm excited to see what this specialized edition can do on Sunday. I don't have tri bars for this race. I have had any practice with them and I've been told that Noosa is a quick, and slightly intricate ride so I don't feel at a disadvantage because of this. Tri bar help you become my aero dynamic on the bike because you lean over the bike. This also allows for more power in your legs. I'll be looking to add these to my bike for Shepparton Half Ironman in 3 weeks time.

I can't wait for the weekend to put all this hard work to use, and to kick back Sunday night after the race ;). There is always such a great energy in the air at these race festivals and with over 25 crew members from the MPTC up there it'll feel like home away from home! For that I'm am also grateful; being surrounded by such a positive, motivated bunch makes it all the more fun!

bring on the sweet sweet sunshine

Now it's time to get packing!

Wish me luck,
Maddy xx

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