Thursday, September 12, 2013

Big Picture Stuff

I am pumped to be back and blogging. It's an exciting time as I'll be racing Noosa in 6 weeks and followed closely by my first attempt at a half Ironman in Shepparton in 8! It's so great to have a goal to work towards. We've all heard that before I know. But it's powerful stuff. It gives you that drive and purpose you just can't create on your own, especially when the Melbourne weather decided to turn for the worst.

In the last 48 hours I have had the joyous company of a head wind on my ride around the bay from Port Melbourne to Black Rock and back. Endured the speedy yet graceful dash to the pool last night, freezing in my bathers and this morning when my alarm went off at 5:05am (snoozed till 5:15am) I was delight to hear the sound of the pouring rain on the tin roof. So much so I thought, gosh it's going to be a pleasant run this morning!

Hey head wind, thanks for the company on the ride.

Rain. Hail. We Run. Savouring the shelter.
I find being focused on the bigger picture of my goals rather than each single session, I'm not so much phased by the icky Melbourne weather. I'm making a point of this due to the reoccurring, I'm calling it an excuse of, 'oh I'll wait till the weather's better', 'it's was too cold', 'I just have no energy in the colder weather'. So many of us tell ourselves these things to make it 'ok' not to head out to the gym, pool, studio or whatever it is that you do, to only feel guilty later on. Trust me I've felt the guilts. But what if you could look past the right here right now (cold, tired, busy) and think of the bigger picture? What then would be possible?

I'm really enjoying my training at the moment. I'm at the end of the build phase (strength, hills and high interval training) and about to move on to speed and endurance where I'll be looking at longer run and ride sessions. My main improvement thus far has been my swim, seen both in my technique and speed. After having another catch up chat with the coach last night, I can see the change in myself in terms of keeping open and constant communication with him as well as being consistent in my training. I am no longer disappearing when this aren't going smoothly and more importantly I've still got my sparkle.

As I have mention in a previous post I need to focus in on the bike. Now that I am no longer frienimes with it, I need to become one with it for durations up to 4 -6 hours in the next few months. Oh wish me luck haha. I'll be thinking of the bigger picture. 

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